Short Essay on Mother Teresa for Students and Teachers (300 Words)

Mother Teresa was a saint. She was born in 1910 in Albania. She helped the poor and the weak. She started an Ashram for the poor. At the age of 18, she became a nun. Later, she became a  teacher in St. Mary’s High School in Kolkata. The misery of the poor moved her in slums of Kolkata. Then in 1946, she decided to work for the poor. She was an angel of mercy. She was a lady of simplicity. She walked barefooted. She was the messenger of love and peace. She did not hesitate in serving the lepers. Her manners were humble. Her voice was soft and her smile was from the heart. Her message was ‘Let us love each other and live let live.’ Because of her contribution to humanity, she got the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. The world respected her very much. She was the hope for the millions of poor. She saw God in the service of humanity. She said ‘Only care and love can bring peace,’ We must try to follow her. She was an angel of kindness and mercy. When she died in 1997 the whole world became sad. She was one of the rare people who served humanity selflessly. For Mother Teresa, the only humanity was his devotion. She used to say ‘The poor need more love and compassion than money.’ She made the entire world her country and remained involved in removing the suffering of humanity, whole her life. She is no more, but her Ashram still exists. It is true that great people never die. They live among us through their great works. She was declared saint by the Pope at Rome in September 2016.

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