Marketing Aptitude & Computer Knowledge Questions for SBI Clerk Exams

Marketing Aptitude and Computer Knowledge Questions
1. The ............ is the amount of data that a storage device can move from the storage medium to the computer per second.
(A) data migration rate (B) data digitizing rate (C) data transfer rate
(D) data access rate (E) None of these (Ans : C)

2. ............ is the ability of a device to “jump” directly to the requested data.
(A) Sequential access (B) Random access (C) Quick access
(D) All of the above (E) None of these (Ans : B)

3. A set of computer programs that helps a computer monitor itself and function more efficiently is a/an–
(A) Windows (B) System Software (C) DBMS
(D) Application Software (E) None of these (Ans : B)

4. Data becomes ............ when it is presented in a format that people can understand and use.
(A) processed (B) graphs (C) information
(D) presentation (E) None of these (Ans : C)

5. For opening and closing of the file in Excel, you can use which bar ?
(A) Formatting (B) Standard (C) Title (D) Formatting or Title (E) None of these (Ans : C)

6. A directory within a directory is called–
(A) Mini Directory (B) Junior Directory (C) Part Directory
(D) Sub Directory (E) None of these (Ans : D)

7. A scanner scans–
(A) Pictures (B) Text (C) Both Pictures and Text
(D) Neither Pictures nor Text (E) None of these (Ans : C)

8. CDs are of which shape ?
(A) Square (B) Rectangular (C) Round
(D) Hexagonal (E) None of these (Ans : C)

9. Which of the following is important for connecting more than one system ?
(A) Wire (B) LAN (C) Bluetooth (D) Wi-Fi (E) All of the above (Ans : B)

10. In which language is barcode written ?
(A) Binary language (B) Machine language (C) Computer language
(D) HTML (E) CSS (Ans : B)

11. Which of the following is essential for opening a webpage ?
(A) Browser (B) Peripherals (C) Fast internet
(D) Program (E) Mouse (Ans : A)

12. What is the term for any device which is connected to any computer system from outside ?
(A) Peripheral (B) RAM (C) Memory  (D) Bus (E) All of the above (Ans : A)

13. Personal computers can be connected together to form a–
(A) server (B) supercomputer (C) enterprise
(D) network (E) None of these (Ans : D)

14. Market share can be increased by–
(A) increasing the number of sales persons (B) increasing the sales volume
(C) increasing the products (D) increasing production (E) rewriting profits (Ans : B)

15. Market segmentation means–
(A) segmentation of sales teams (B) allocation of territory (C) sales arrangement
(D) segmentation of target group according to their needs (E) market share (Ans : C)

16. Target group of education loans is–
(A) all school students (B) all college students (C) all colleges
(D) all schools (E) all hospitals (Ans : B)

17. Customer’s Relationship with the Bank is influenced by–
(A) Customers attitudes (B) Attitudes of Bank staff
(C) Interest rates of the Bank (D) Attitudes of sales persons
(E) None of these (Ans : E)

18. Marketing is–Find the wrong option–
(A) an ancient concept (B) a modern need
(C) a continuous affair (D) a team effort
(E) a direct need for survival (Ans : A)

19. Indirect Marketing means–
(A) Marketing by non-sales persons (B) Market Survey (C) Market Research
(D) Advertisements (E) All of these (Ans : E)

20. Direct Marketing means–
(A) Face-to-face marketing (B) Melas (C) Seminars
(D) Indoor marketing (E) Online marketing (Ans : E)

21. Marketing should be resorted–
(A) only among rich persons (B) only among the poor (C) only in crowded areas
(D) depends on the product (E) depends on the banks (Ans : D)

22. Qualities needed by a good marketing staff are–
(A) Aggressiveness (B) Pushy (C) Perseverance
(D) Politeness (E) only (C) and (D) (Ans : E)

23. Marketing is–
(A) a day-to-day function (B) a one-off affair (C) a one-man show
(D) a collective process (E) a means to earn extra income (Ans : D)

24. Marketing is required in banks due to–
(A) globalization (B) computerization (C) increase in population
(D) government dictates (E) None of these (Ans : A)

25. A complete electronic circuit with transistors and other electronic components on a small silicon chip is called a(n)–
(A) workstation (B) CPU (C) magnetic disk
(D) integrated circuit (E) None of these (Ans : C)

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