Krishna Sobti (कृष्णा सोबती) - Biography, Books, Novels

Born- 18 February,1925
Gender- Female
Occupation- Fiction writer
Krishna Sobti, born in Gujarat (West Punjab, in present-day Pakistan) on February 18, 1925, is a famous Hindi fiction writer. Krishna Sobti’s style and language communicate an real feel to whatever theme and condition she portrays. The essence of her creativity lies in her sincerity and enthusiasm to achieve the reality and to seem into things, rather than at them. Sobti guards her autonomy as a author and as an individual zealously. “You can obtain liberties with yourself merely if you make a huge gap for yourself, a huge sky,” she says emphasizing the writer’s impartiality in that space. sympathy towards her lettering is a famous characteristic of her writings. Krishna Sobti also writes in the name Hashmat and has in print Hama Hashamat, a collection of pen portraits of writers and friends. She also had a short brush with the audio-visual medium, having served as a advisor for Buniyad, a TV serial on division.

She received the Sahitya Akademi Award for her novel Zindaginama. “covered with the culture and ambience of pre-partition bucolic Punjab, this novel of classic size is a visual and theatrical remind of early memoirs in periodic form”. Nand Kishore Naval, a detractor, has referred to it as the mainly complete, concerned, and receptive action in Hindi literature of the peasants since Premchand. Her other novels are Dara se bichuri, Mitro Marajani, Surajmukhi andhere ke. a few of her famous small stories are Nafisa, Sikka Badal gaya, Badalom ke ghere. Sobti eka sohabata includes her major elected works. Sobti has also received the Shiromani Award in 1981 and Hindi Academy Award in 1982.

List of Books–
● Badlon ke ghere
● Ai Larki
● Dilo Donish
● Daar se Bichhudi
● Hum Hushmat

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