Kavita Daswani Biography (Author of Bombay Girl)

Kavita Daswani is an Indian-American writer. All three of her novel contract with the Indian performs of arranged marriages, and features heroine that decline to go beside with custom.

She grew up in Hong Kong, preliminary her vocation at age 17 as a reporter for South China Morning Post. She enthused to Los Angeles in 2000.

Her books symbolize the changes captivating put in the diaspora Indian communities, particularly concerning institutions such as wedding, the wife’s position in families, and growing opportunities for women. Daswani’s combinations of hilarity and society worry create her books an escapist read.

In her own life, she was one time coordinated with a man in Nashik, India, who it twisted out, had been exhausted two days in prison for having strippers in his bar. After leaving during much infructious match-making, she was lastly wedded at 36.

She has been a style reporter for CNN, CNBC Asia, and Women’s dress in Daily, has write for the Los Angeles Times and the International Herald Tribune, amongst lots of other publication, and has been the style editor for the South China Morning position in Hong Kong.

The eccentric American desi heroine defies Indian custom to discover her own pleased finish. Very funny and cheering, for marital Purposes prove that while the hunt for adore takes lots of form; the disaster and excitement are worldwide. In a bodily whirl of silk and spices, Kavita Daswani takes us from Bombay to New York and reverses over – in what is certain to be one of the mainly welcomed debuts of the summer.

Single at twenty-four – and with no forecast in view – Anju is a huge basis of fret to her family. Although the finest efforts of relations, fortune-tellers, and matchmakers to position a wedding, she can’t seem to find a husband – or at least one she’s eager to wed.

List of Books -
Bombay Girl (2012)
Lovetorn (2012)
Indie Girl (2007)
Salaam, Paris (2006)
Everything Happens for a Reason (2004)
The Village Bride of Beverly Hills (2004)
For Matrimonial Purposes (2003)
Love Happens oder Heirat auf Indisch

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