Gurcharan Das Biography-Author, Commentator, Consultant

Born : October 3, 1943
Genre : Nonfiction, Biographies and Memoirs Born
Occupation : Author, Commentator, Public Intellectual.

Gurcharan Das is an Indian writer, critic and community thinker. He is the writer of the complexity of organism superior: On the slight art of dharma which interrogates the classic, Mahabharata. His global bestseller, India liberated, is a story explanation of India from sovereignty to the worldwide in rank era, and has been available in numerous languages and filmed by BBC.

He is a usual writer for six Indian reporters in English, Hindi, Telugu and Marathi, and he writes episodic pieces for the New York Times, Wall avenue periodical, monetary Times, overseas Affairs, and Newsweek.

Gurcharan Das graduated with honors from Harvard University in Philosophy. He later on attended Harvard Business School (AMP), where he is featured in three case studies. He was CEO of Procter and Gamble India and afterward organization Director, Procter and Gamble universal (Strategic Planning). In 1995, he took early on departure to become a permanent author.

His other fictional workings comprise a narrative, a well Family, a book of essays, The Elephant example, and collection, Three English drama.

Gurcharan Das was born in Lyallpur, India (now Pakistan) into a Punjabi Hindu family. His gently autobiographical novel sheds light on his early on life. After sovereignty, Das’s family fled to India as refugees. His father was an engineer with the government and he spends his babyhood in Shimla and Delhi. He went to high school in Washington D.C. when his father was post there in the mid-1950s. He attended Harvard University and graduated with honors in Philosophy. He wrote his thesis in John Rawls. Later on he attended Harvard Business School’s superior Management Program, where he is featured in three case studies.

As a writer Gurcharan Das is popular for her following works–

1. India Grows at Night: A Liberal Case for a Strong State (2012)
2. The Difficulty of Being Good (2009)
3. The Elephant Paradigm: India Wrestles with Change (2002)
4. Three English plays (2001)
5. India Unbound (2000)
6. A Fine Family (1990)
7. Larins Sahib (1970)

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