Amulya Malladi Biography | Author of "The Mango Season"

Born: 1974, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh

Indian author Amulya Malladi was born in a small town in Madhya Pradesh called Sagar. She did her bachelor in electronics engineering from Osmania University in Hyderabad. Later, she opted for Masters Degree in Journalism from the University of Memphis, Tennessee, United States. After graduating from the University of Memphis, she worked as an online editor for a high-tech publishing house in San Francisco. Later, she worked as a marketing manager for a software company in the Silicon Valley.

Indian writer Amulya Malladi was born in 1974 in a small town named Sagar; which is located at Madhya Pradesh in India. She got a chance to live in various cities due to her father’s army profession. At the age of 11, she found interest in goblins, pixies and fairies through the work of Enid Blyton and then she wrote her first handwritten book of 50 pages. She not resides in Denmark with her husband and two sons. She once said that when she first moved to Denmark, the language sounded her like a buzzing of bees.

A Breath of Fresh Air was her first book and was published in 2002. Indian author Amulya got the inspiration when she was nine years old and she was living in Bhopal, a city in India. During her stay, on the night of December 3, 1984, many people were killed with the leakage of methyl isocyanate gas from the Bhopal’s Union Carbide plant and killed many people. She was away from the epicenter and due to the wind flow the gas moved to the opposite direction from where they were staying, unaffecting them. Though, she heard people describing the gas as a feeling of chili powder in their lungs. This image remained with her and when she was in Utah, she penned down this novel.

Her second novel is The Mango Season. Talking about novel she said that most of her characters in the book and they were easy for her as she stayed over there. As she has traveled a lot in India, it gets easy for her to write about different places. Also, while writing this book, she said that she felt like a quick tour to Hyderabad.

1. A Breath of Fresh Air
2. The Mango Season
3. Serving Crazy with Curry
4. Song of the Cuckoo Bird
5. The Sound of Language

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