Short Essay on Computer-Introduction and Importance

Today man's scientific knowledge is very wide and highly advanced. It has helped him to discover and invent
many things for his comforts and efficiency. Computer is the latest and most brilliant child of science. Science has gifted us so many wonderful things that have affected our style of living and made life easy going.

Computer is one of them and it has played an important role in improving the conditions of advanced nations. We can effectively realize our dreams through proper use of computers. Computers do not act as storage or processing devices only. They are the biggest sources of entertainment and communication as well.

One can get connected to another in other part of world in no time with the help of computers. It helps in searching and retrieving vast information over internet also and only computer education can increase the applications of computer across the world. Getting acquainted with computer education makes business easy as various business transactions can be made fast and safe.

Also all the business records and documents can be stored in computer thus reducing the need of paper documentation. One can shop being immobile as orders can be placed on internet which saves time and transportation cost. Computer knowledge coupled with certain other job skills increases one's chances of getting a job. Those with knowledge of computers are considered trainable for many kinds of jobs.

As most of the jobs involve the use of computers, computer education is an eligibility criterion for almost all of the modern-day jobs. Higher education involving network administration, hardware maintenance or software skills open doors for brighter job opportunities.

By computer education, we mean gaining the knowledge of the basic concepts related to a computer and gaining the basic knowledge of computer operation. Knowing about the basic components of a computer, the basic concepts behind the use of computers and the knowledge of some of the elementary computer applications constitutes computer education.

Learning about the computer basics followed by a practical experience of using a computer is the key to computer education. As computers are widely used today, acquiring computer education is the need of the modern times. Computers, which have such a wide variety of applications, are indeed ruling society. 

To keep up the pace in this fast life of today, computer education is extremely important. Computers are an integral part of life and so is computer education. Thus we need computer literate people in order to keep pace with time and society. This is the Information Age and computers and computer education are a must to raise the ladder of success. 

The future of Computerization in India is bright. At present we have just made a beginning and within the next fifteen years before the century come to a close we shall be on the road to computerization.

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