All Important Antonyms Alphabetical List

Antonyms Alphabetical List
Words Opposites (Antonyms)
Abandon Stay with, retain
Abate Raise, increase, rise, augment
Abhor Approve, like
Abject Proud, independent
Abnormal Normal, usual, regular
Abrupt Gently, gentle, sloping
Abscond Remain, stay, live in
Abstain permit, continue
Abstruse Revealed, simple, open
Abundant Inadequate, poor, insufficient
Abuse Use well, praise
Accelerate Retard, reduce speed, hinder
Accession Loss, diminution
Accommodate Disoblige, refuse
Accomplish Leave undone, fail
Awkward Handy, graceful, clever
Accord Discord, disagreement, unwillingness
Accumulate Squander, waste, distribute
Acquaintance Unfamiliar, ignorance
Adhere Come undone, break from.
Adjourn Hurry, on schedule, advance
Adoration Irreverence, contempt, disfiguring
Affinity Dislike, discord, antipathy, repulsion
Alliance Separation, opposition, division
Altercation Consensus, agreement
Ambiguous Certainty, simple, clear
Annul Restore, ratify
Antagonistic Friendly, sympathetic, associated
Antique Modern, fresh, new, young, recent
Applaud Hiss, cry down
Applause Abuse, disapproval, jeering, censure
Arrogant Humble, tolerant, modest, docile
Polite, considerate, humble, timid
Authentic Unauthentic, spurious
Awful amazing wonderful
Bare Clothed, covered, dressed,
Barricade Help, open, approachable
Benevolent Malvolent, uncharitable, malice, merciless
Betray Conceal, defend, be loyal
Blasphemy Reverence, exquisite, polite
Bliss Unhappiness, misery
Boisterous Quite, calm, soft, silent, tranquil
Brutal Human, kindly, gentle
Brevity Lengthy, circumlocution
Bystander Performer, actor
Candid Unfair, partial, biased
Canvass Leave alone, refuse
Captivity Freedom, liberty
Catastrophe Benefit, blessing, boom
Celebrated Unknown, undistinguished
Censure Praise, commend, endorse
Cheer Chill, depress, sadden
Chivalrous Cowardly, ungallant
Circumscribe Open, unbound
Clamour Silence, peace
Coalition Disunion, separation
Collateral Lineal, direct
Combat Peace, rest
Compassion Ruthlessness, anitipathy
Conceal Reveal, disclose
Concise Diffuse, lengthy, large
Confer Refuse, take back, withdraw
Consign Withhold, withdraw
Conspiracy Counter plot
Contradictory Agreeing, compatible, consistent
Ingenuous, honest
Cruel Humans, gentle, kind
Culmination Bottom, base
Cripper help, strengthen
Counterfeit Accurate, authentic, sincere
Danger harmless, protection, safety
Daring Cowardly, timid, cautious
Dainty Unpalatable, inelegant, uncritical
Dash Retain, standstill, encourage
Debar Admit, allow, facilitate
Debase Exalt, purify, praise, respect
Declare Censor, withhold, conceal
Decrease Climb, enlarge, grow, strengthen
Decorum Lack of dignity, improprity, levity
Deface Improve, preserve
Defame Praise, commendation
Descend Climb, increase, lift
Desert Stay with, retain
Despair hope, optimism, encourage-ment
Deteriorate Improve, ameliorate
Devoid Full, well, supplied
Dexterity Not skilled, clumsiness
Diligence Laziness, slackness
Discern Misunderstand, confuse
Disgrace Compliment, exalt, praise
Disinterested Interested, biased, subjective
Disown Acknowledge, accept
Dogmatic Undogmatic, vague
Dress Undress, unclothed
Dwell Travel, move on
Earnest Slack, apathetic
Eccentric Concentric, regular
Ecstasy Calmness, agony, displeasure
Edible Uneatable, inedible
Elegant Inexpensive, ungraceful, unrefined
Embrace Keep away, exclude
Emotion Reason, indifference, rationality
Endorse Disapprove, oppose, censure, reject
Enormous Small, punny, compact
Entire Repel, repulse, resist
Entrap Set free, liberate
Escalate Decrease, lessen, weaken
Escape Confront, face, follow
Eternal Transient, temporary, non-permanent
Everlasting Finite, temporary
Exaggerate Minimise, understate
Exile Repatriation, welcome, greet
Fabulous True, real, actual
Fallacy Truth, real
Fantastic Real, practical
Feeble Strong, vigorous
Fervent Cool, unimpassioned
Figurative Actual, straightforward
Finite Infinite, unlimited
Flimsy Substantial, serious
Fluctuate Constant, uniform
Fortify Weaken, discourage
Fragile Strong, solid, tough
Frown Smile
Funeral Cheerful, bright
Furtive Open, obvious, above board
Futility Utility, advantage, profitable
Gallantry Cowardice, poltroonery
Ghostly Alive, corporeal, pleasing
Genuine Artificial, fake, imaginary
Gloomy Cheerful, gay, bright
Gorgeous Shabby, mean, dirty
Grandeur Shabbiness, sordidness
Gratification Disappointment, dissatisfaction
Grim Mild, gentle
Grudge Good will, love
Grusome Charming, delightful, pleasing
Hamper Release, accelerate
Hopeless Lucky, fortunate
Harmony Discord, disagreement
Hazardous Timid, safe, protected
Heed Disregard, neglect
Humane Cruel, ungentle
Hostile Pride, arrogance
Hypocrisy Honesty, sincerely
Hypocritical Candid, honest, loyal, moral
Identity Difference, not similar
Immaculate Spotted, stained
Immunity Subjection, liability
Impatient Patient, submissive
Imperative Submissive, not compulsory.
Implicate Exclude
Impel Inhibit, prevent, quell
Implicit Expressed, exposed, reserved
Imitate Create, originate
Inaccessible Approachable, accessible
Incumbent Unnecessary, non-compul-sory
Industrious Idle, lazy
Inevitable Avoidable, unnecessary
Infinite Finite, circumscribed, limited
Insolvent Rich, affluent, flush,
Jeopardise Secure, preserve
Jolly Miserable, dull
Jubilant Despairing, despondent
Judicious Indiscreet, imprudent
Jumble Clear, straightforward, order, arrange
Kidnap Restore, bring back
Knotty Smooth, easy, simple
Laborious Easy, light, simple
Lavish Economical, restrained
Legend Reality, fact, true story
Lethal Harmless, enlivening, life giving
Luminous Dark, obscure
Malice Charity, love
Malign Praise, eulogise
Massive Small, thin, minute
Manifest Conceal, suppress, hidden
Melancholy Gay, joyous
Melodious Unmelodious, tuneless
Mercenary Voluntary, generous
Mingle Dissolve, disentangle
Migrate Remain, stationary
Miraculous Normal, natural
Misery Joy, comfort
Moderate Immoderate, excessive
Monotonous Modest, cheerful, melodious
Mortal Immortal, imperishable
Myth Fact, history actual
Native Exotic, foreign, alien, immigrant
Nervous Composed, steady, tranquil
Numb Vigorous, aware, lively
Notorious Unknown, reputable
Nefarious Chaste, honest, innocent
Obedient Mischievous, stubborn
Obscene Pure, clean
Obscure Clear, plain, transparent
Obtuse Intelligent, bright
Officious Harmless, non-interfering, incurious
Opportunistic Uninvolved, timid, lazy
Optimistic Pessimistic, cynical, defeatist
Ostentatious Reticent, restrained
Outrageous Timid, appropriate
Outstanding Mediocre, usual
Palatable Unpalatable, tasteless
Palpable Intangible
Paltry Fine, great, sufficient
Paramount Subordinate, inferior, irrelevant
Paucity Abundance, multitude, adequate
Pensive active, gay, happy
Petition Command, order
Plague Please, comfort, solace
Plungs Drawout, come out
Preamble Conclusion, ending
Precedence Inferiority
Pregnant Empty, meaningless
Profound Shallow, abstruse
Prohibit Endorse, permit, allow
Prudent imprudent, injudicious, incautious
Quack Professional, qualified
Quash Ratify, confirm, restore
Radiance Dullness, dimness
Radical Superficial, incomplete
Random Formal, orderly, systematic
Rational Irrational, foolish
Reciprocal Selfish, individual
Rectify Destroy, save, keep
Remission Increase, augmentation
Repulsive Admirable, alluring, charming
Resolute Irresolute, undecided
Reveal Conceal, hide
Revive Depress, deject
Revolt Loyal, obey, submit
Ridiculous Grave, serious
Robust Thin, weak, lean, fragile
Rustic Urban, polished
Sacred Temporal, wordly
Sad Blithe, joyous, cheerful
Sane Insane, confused, unreasonable
Sarcastic Complimentary, flattering, favourable
Scandal Praise, credit
Scatter Retain, hold, gather, unite
Secular Religious eternal, pious
Seductive Repelling, chill, dissuade
Sensual Ascetic, spiritual
Smooth Uneven, rough, irregular
Sloth Activity, vigour
Solace Pain, irritation, vex
Solemn Informal, profane
Solitary Companionable, sociable
Sordid Clean, polished
Speculation Action, fact
Splendid Shabby, cheap
Spontaneous Involuntary, with prior preparation
Stagnant Moving, running, in action
Stubborn Docile, flexible vacillating
Sublime Low, depressed
Taunt Soothe, commend, praise
Tedious Agreeable, delightful
Testimony Concealment, denial
Terse Lengthy, talkative, tedious
Torment Comfort, easy, tranquil
Trifle Serious
Trivial Significant, important
Triumph Lament, fail
Turmoil Quiet, peacefulness
Unanimous Discordant, disagreeing
Unique Common, ordinary
Unethical Moral, principled
Unique Common, ordinary
Urbane Brusque, gauche, vulgar
Utopian Practical, real
Vague Certain, definite, sure
Vain Useful, effective
Valiant Unheroic, cowardly
Vanish Appear, live, survive
Veil Disclose, uncover
Velocity Slowness, tardiness
Verbose Terse, silent, speechless
Vigour Sickness, weakness
Vivid Dull, unimpressive
Vogue Outdated, unpopular
Voluntary Involuntary
Vulnerable Fortified, strong, invulnerable
Warant Forbid, disallow
Wearisome Refreshing, restful
Whimsical Serious, sober earnest
Wretched Fortunate, happy, joyous
Wrinkle Smooth, flat, straighten
Yearn Be contended, be satisfied
Yield Resist, withhold, refuse
Yoke Freedom, liberty
Zeal Apathy, weakness
Zest Exhaustion, dislike, dullness, blandness
Zenith Low, base, bottom, foot

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