General Knowledge Competitive Exams Quiz Questions 2014

1. In which respect have the Centre-State relations been specifically termed as 'municipal relations'?
(A) Centre's control of the State in the legislative sphere
(B) Centre's control of the State in financial matters
(C) Centre's control of the State in the administrative sector
(D) Centre's control of the State in the planning process
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2. Which one of the following Committee/ Commission recommended for integration of Union, State and Local Finances?
(A) Taxation Enquiry Commission (B) Local Finance Enquiry Committee
(C) Rural-Urban Relationship Committee (D) Singhvi Committee
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3. Which of the following best defines free trade?
(A) Imports are discouraged (B) There are no restrictions on exports and imports
(C) There are no duties levied on export (D) Imported goods are made duty free
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4. Among other things, which one of the following was the purpose for which the Deepak Parekh Committee was constituted?
(A) To study the current socio-economic conditions of certain minority communities
(B) To suggest measures for financing the development of infrastructure
(C) To frame a policy on the production of genetically modified organisms
(D) To suggest measures to reduce the fiscal deficit in the Union Budget
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5. When there is noon at IST meridian people another place of the Earth are taking their 6 0' clock morning tea. The longitude of the place is–
(A) 17°30' E (B) 7°30' W
(C) 172°30' E (D) 90° W
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6. If it 10.00 am IST then what would be the local time at Shillong on 92° E longitude?
(A) 9.38 am (B) 10.38 am
(C) 10.22 am (D) 9.22 am
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7. For whom did Gandhi say "that when I am gone, he will speak my language"?
(A) Sardar Patel (B) Jawaharlal Nehru
(C) UN Dhebar (D) JB Kripalani
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8. Which one among the following is not the characteristic feature of the Harappan Settlement?
(A) Doorways and windows generally faced the side lanes and rarely opened onto the main streets
(B) Houses generally had separate bathing areas and toilets
(C) The citadel was walled but the lower town was not walled
(D) Drains and water chutes from the second storey were often built inside the wall
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9. Which one of the following has been proclaimed by UNESCO as a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritages of humanity?
(A) Purana (B) Ramlila
(C) Geeta (B) Mahabharata
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10. Rows of distinctive fire altars with the provision of ritual bathing have been found at–
(A) Mohenjodaro (B) Harappa
(C) Kalibangan (D) Lothal
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11. Which animal is engraved on most of the Harappan seals?
(A) Humpless bull or Unicorn (B) Elephant
(C) Bison (D) Tiger
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12. The region of Darjeeling Hills is famous for which type of vegetation?
(A) Mangrove forests (B) Mountain forests
(C) Evergreen forests (D) Both 'b' and 'c'
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13. Which one of the following is the non-symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria?
(A) Nostoc (B) Clostridium
(C) Anabaena (D) Rhizobium
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14. Which one of the following fibres is not a plant product?
(A) Hemp (B) Flax
(C) Cotton (D) Silk
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15. Which one among the following aquatic weeds has been exploited for the biogas production?
(A) Hydrilla (B) Vallisneria
(C) Ceraphyllum (D) Eiccnomia
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16. In which one of the following schedules of the Constitution of India is Urban Local Self Government mentioned?
(A) Seventh (B) Eighth
(C) Eleventh (D) Twelfth
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17. Which one of the following has the authority to constitute an area into a municipality or a municipal corporation or a panchayat?
(A) Central Government (B) Divisional Commissioner
(C) District Collector (D) State Government
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18. In which one of the following states, is provision relating to reservation for Scheduled Castes in Panchayats under Seventy third Constitutional Amendment not applicable?
(A) Nagaland (B) Mizoram
(C) Meghalaya (D) Arunachal Pradesh
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19. Resurgent India Bonds were issued in US Dollar, Pound, Sterling and–
(A) Japanese Yen (B) Deutsche Mark
(C) Euro (D) French France
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20. The ARDC (Agricultural Refinance and Development Corporation) is now a branch of the–
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21. Which one of the following scholars suggested the Earth's origin from gases and dust particles?
(A) James Jeans (B) H Alfven
(C) F Hoyle (D) O Schmidt
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22. What is the name of the strait where 'Adams bridge' is situated?
(A) Bering Strait (B) Cook Strait
(C) Palk Strait (D) Taiwan Strait
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23. The most important item of import in the Harappan civilization were–
(A) metals and precious stones (B) food grains
(C) textiles (D) pottery
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24. Which one of the following statements regarding Harappan Civilization is correct?
(A) The standard Harappan seals were made of clay
(B) The inhabitants of Harappa had neither knowledge of copper nor bronze
(C) The Harrapan Civilization was rural based
(D) The inhabitants of Harappa grew and used cotton
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25. Which one of the following countries is not a member of ASEAN?
(A) Indonesia (B) South Korea
(C) Thailand (D) Vietnam
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