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General Knowledge Quiz with Answers
1. Michael Phelps became the only player in history of Olympics to win a record haul of 22 medals in the Olympics.
Who among the following held the earlier record of winning maximum medals at Olympics?
(A) Sergey Bubka (B) Larisa Latyina
(C) Usain Bolt (D) Yelena Isinbayeva
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2. Who among the following won the UEFA Best Player award for 2012?
(A) Lionel Messi (B) Andres Iniesta
(C) Christiano Ronaldo (D) None of these
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3. Rupesh Shah is associated with which of the following sport disciplines?
(A) Archery (B) Horse racing
(C) Billiards (D) Polo
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4. Who among the following is credited with conceiving and implementing a radically new mode of bringing water to crops in arid and dry land regions called “Micro Irrigation”?
(A) Daniel Hillel (B) Matt Apuzzo
(C) Wang Shu (D) John Gordon
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5. Which of the following group of National Parks is located within the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve?
(A) Guindy, Agasthymalai, Achanakmar-Amarkantak
(B) Sanjay Kangar Valley, Bandipur, Gulf of Mannar
(C) Silent Valley, Bannerghata, Guindy, Vansda
(D) Bannerghata, Nagorehole, Bandipur, Eravikulam
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6. Indian Naval Rating mutiny in 1946 took place in–
(A) Calcutta (B) Madras
(C) Visakhapatnam (D) Bombay
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7. The Jain Temples' known for the finest marble carvings in India are situated at–
(A) Gwalior (B) Kiradu
(C) Modhera (D) Dilwara
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8. Who among the following encouraged the formation of Congress Socialist Party even though he was not a member of it?
(A) Achyuta Patwardhan (B) Jawaharlal Nehru
(C) Jayaprakash Narayan (D) Acharya Narendra Dev
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9. The Widow Remarriages Act was passed during the Governor-Generalship of–
(A) Bentinck (B) Dalhousie
(C) Canning (D) Lawrence
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10. The Asiatic Society of Bengal was founded by–
(A) Rammohan Roy (B) Sir William Jones
(C) W. W. Hunter (D) William Bentinck
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11. The density of water is maximum at 4°C. Such chemical property of water leads to–
(A) continuous availability of ice floating on sea surface.
(B) sustenance of marine life even during harsh winter.
(C) reduced heat loss from the surface of the sea
(D) None of these
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12. Which committee reports on economy, improvements in organisation, efficiency or administrative reform consistent with policy on public expenditure?
(A) Public Accounts Committee (B) Estimates Committee
(C) Committee on Public Undertakings (D) None of the above
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13. Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare comes under the Ministry of–
(A) Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (B) Defence
(C) Home Affairs (D) Labour and Employment
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14. Which part of the brain is responsible for controlling body temperature?
(A) Pituitary gland (B) Hypothalamus
(C) Thalamus (D) None of these
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15. Which of the following forms the core recommendation of 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission?
(A) Focus on core functions and principle of subsidiarity
(B) Detailed analysis of functions/activities in each Ministry/Department.
(C) Action plan for delegation of implementation activities and non-core activities
(D) All of these
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16. Which of the following forms an important component of the foreign exchange reserves of the country?
(A) Foreign exchange assets of RBI (B) Gold reserves of RBI
(C) SDR holdings of the Government (D) All of these
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17. Operating principle of optical fibres which are used in endoscopes and telecommunications is based on–
(A) Refraction (B) Critical angle
(C) Total internal reflection (D) Refractive index
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18. Which of the following countries signed a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with India in 2011?
(A) Japan (B) Malaysia
(C) Canada (D) Australia
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19. In which group of crops, growth rate in yield levels appears to have plateaued over the last few years?
(A) Rice and Wheat (B) Pulses and Mustard
(C) Sugarcane and Oilseeds (D) Coarse cereals and plantation crop
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20. Which of the following States has formed ‘Innovation Council’ based on the lines of National Innovation Council?
(A) Bihar (B) Haryana
(C) Karnataka (D) West Bengal
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