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General Knowledge Quiz with Answers
1. Who among the following leaders was not involved with forming underground networks and providing leadership during 'Quit India Movement'?
(A) Achyut Patwardhan (B) Aruna Asaf Ali
(C) Biju Patnaik (D) P. C. Joshi
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2. Who among the following opposed the formation of Muslim League then being founded in 1906 and acted as Dada Bhai naoroji's Secretary at Calcutta session?
(A) Aga Khan (B) M. A. Jinnah
(C) Liaqat Ali Khan (D) Sarojini Naidu
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3. The first All India Kisan Mahasabha was formed at–
(A) Lucknow (B) Madras
(C) Calcutta (D) Patna
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4. Which among the following organisations can be appropriately called as Pre-Congress Nationalist Organisation?
(A) East India Association (B) Young Bengal Association
(C) Indian Association of Calcutta (D) None of these
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5. Who among the following examined in minute detail the entire economic record of Colonial rule since 1757 in his publication ‘The Economic History of India’?
(A) Dadabhai Naoroji (B) Govind Ranade
(C) R. C. Dutt (D) P. C. Joshi
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6. Which of the following crops has great adaptability and it can be grown from Siberia to the tropical regions?
(A) Wheat (B) Oat
(C) Sugarbeet (D) Lentil
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7. Which of the following factors are not responsible for soil formation?
(A) Bedrock (B) Weather
(C) Elevation (D) Relief
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8. The efficiency of transfer of energy from one trophic level to the next is known as–
(A) Primary productivity (B) Ecological niche
(C) Ecological efficiency (D) Trophic pyramids
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9. Biomedication helps clean up aquifers and oil spills. It involves the use of–
(A) Bacteria (B) Bacteria and Fungi
(C) Fungi (D) Fungi and Algae
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10. The iron and steel industries of which of the following countries are almost fully dependent on imported raw materials ?
(A) Britain (B) Japan
(C) Poland (D) Germany
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11. The difference between Indian Parliamentary System and British Parliamentary System lies ill the fact that India has–
(A) both real and a nominal executive. (B) bicameral legislature.
(C) judicial review. (D) None of these
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12. Which of the following has become the first Regional Rural Bank to issue a debit card in the country?
(A) Punjab Gramin Bank (B) Punjab National Bank
(C) Kashi Gomti Samyut Gramin Bank (D) Ahmedabad RRB
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13. Child sex ratio in the age group 0-6 years as per provisional Census 2011 report is–
(A) 921 (B) 925
(C) 914 (D) 920
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14. Which of the following is not correctly matched?
(A) Charles Babbage : Calculating machines precursor of the modern computer
(B) George Eastman : Photographic equipment
(C) William Harvey : Circulation of blood
(D) John Napier : Calculus
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15. National Social Security Fund has been created in order to–
(A) fund workers of unorganised sector including weavers, rickshaw pullers, bidi makers, etc.
(B) finance workers of organised sector.
(C) help create self employment opportunities for unemployed youth.
(D) to finance self help groups.
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16. Which type of smog causes cracking of rubber and corrosion of metal?
(A) Classical Smog (B) Advection Smog
(C) Photochemical Smog (D) None of these
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17. Which of the following is a suitable technique of separation, identification and purification of a compound?
(A) Chromatography (B) Reverse osmosis
(C) Fractional distillation (D) Zeolite membrane filtration
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18. Which of the following does not produce hormone?
(A) Heart (B) Kidney
(C) Gastro-intestinal tract (D) None of these
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19. Which of the following acts as both exocrine and endocrine gland?
(A) Pancreas (B) Spleen
(C) Liver (D) Pituitary gland
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20. Which of the following is not an endocrine gland?
(A) Pituitary gland (B) Pancreas
(C) Pineal gland (D) None of these
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