General Knowledge Questions and Answers | GK Questions Set-12

General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. Which one of the following books is written by an Indian Author?
(A) Five Point Someone (B) Harry Potter
(C) Beautiful Mind (D) Animal Farm
Ans : (A)

2. Which one of the following Indian Movies made it to the final nominations of Best Foreign Film Category at the Oscars?
(A) Paheli (B) 1947 The Earth
(C) Salaam Bombay (D) Black
Ans : (C)

3. Saffron is obtained from which part of plants?
(A) leaf (B) stem
(C) anther and whole flower (D) stigma and style
Ans : (D)

4. Department of Pharmaceuticals comes under which of these ministries?
(A) Ministry of Health (B) Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers
(C) Ministry of Food Processing (D) Ministry of Consumer Affairs
Ans : (B)

5. Who was the author of the book named Setbji?
(A) Shobha De (B) Arundhati Roy
(C) Chetan Bhagat (D) Salman Rushdie
Ans : (A)

6. How many minutes for each degree of longitude does the local time of any place vary from the Greenwich time?
(A) Two minutes (B) Four minutes
(C) Six minutes (D) Eight minutes
Ans : (B)

7. The black hole theory was discovered by–
(A) Hargobind Khurana (B) C. V. Raman
(C) S. Ramanujan (D) S. Chandrashekhar
Ans : (D)

8. Who amongst the following won the Wimbledon Men’s Finals 2011 which was also his first Wimbledon title?
(A) Rafael Nadal (B) Novak Djokovic
(C) Robert Bruce (D) Lleyton Hewitt
Ans : (B)

9. Who is the chairman of the committee constituted by RBI to study issues and concerns in the Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) Sector ?
(A) Y. H. Malegam (B) Dr. K. C. Chakraborty
(C) C. Rangarajan (D) M. Damodaran
Ans : (A)

10. Upper limit prescribed for RTGS transaction is–
(A) Rs. 1 lac (B) Rs. 2 lacs
(C) Rs. 5 lacs (D) No upper limit is prescribed
Ans : (D)

11. Which one of the following is not correct regarding Tsunami ?
(A) Tsunamis have a very long wavelength
(B) Tsunamis have a slight swell of about twelve inches above the normal sea surface
(C) Tsunamis grow in height when they reach shallower water
(D) Tides also play an important role in the generation of Tsunamis
Ans : (D)

12. Which of the following ranges separates the Kashmir Valley from the Indus Valley?
(A) Dhauladhar (B) Great Himalayan range
(C) Pir Panjal range (D) Siwalik range
Ans : (B)

13. The macro-nutrients provided by inorganic fertilisers are–
(A) carbon, iron and boron. (B) magnesium, manganese and sulphur.
(C) magnesium, zinc and iron. (D) nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
Ans : (D)

14. The ultimate cause of water movement in a plant stem against gravity is–
(A) osmosis (B) transpiration
(C) photosynthesis (D) diffusion
Ans : (B)

15. Vermicompost is a/an–
(A) inorganic fertiliser (B) toxic substance
(C) organic biofertiliser (D) synthetic fertiliser
Ans : (C)

16. Benazir Bhutto, the former Pakistan Prime Minister, was assassinated in–
(A) Rawalpindi (B) Islamabad
(C) Hyderabad (D) Karachi
Ans : (A)

17. Who was affectionately known as the Grand Old Man of India ?
(A) Bal Gangadhar Tilak  (B) Dadabhai Naoroji
(C) Gopal Krishna Gokhale (D) Mahatma Gandhi
Ans : (B)

18. India test-fired successfully its Agni-V, surface-to-surface ICBM from Wheeler Island on–
(A) 17th March, 2012 (B) 19th April, 2012
(C) 7th March, 2012 (D) 7th April, 2012
Ans : (B)

19. In which of the following States are India’s maximum number of mines producing minerals (excluding minor minerals, petroleum (crude), natural gas and atomic minerals) located ?
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Gujarat
(C) Jharkhand (D) Andhra Pradesh
Ans : (B)

20. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP) is an organisation under which of the following ?
(A) International Monetary Fund (B) World Economic Forum
(C) United Nations (D) World Bank
Ans : (C)

21. The objective of Sangam Yojna is–
(A) to make Ganga water pollution free.
(B) to make Sangam region of Allahabad more attractive for tourists.
(C) to unite various group of Hindus.
(D) to ensure welfare of handicapped.
Ans : (D)

22. The present monetary system in India is managed by–
(A) Nationalised Banks (B) The State Bank of India
(C) The Central Finance Ministry (D) The Reserve Bank of India
Ans : (D)

23. What is a Multinational Company?
(A) A joint venture among more than two countries
(B) A company set up with foreign capital
(C) A company having operations in many countries.
(D) A company holding a monopoly over the sale of a certain commodity in several countries.
Ans : (C)

24. Explicit + Implicit Costs =
(A) Private Costs (B) Accounting Costs
(C) Economic Costs (D) Social Costs
Ans : (C)

25. Which of the following is not relevant to Human Resource Development ?
(A) Education (B) Women and Child Development
(C) Caste System (D) Youth Affairs and Sports
Ans : (C)

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