General Knowledge Questions and Answers | GK Questions Set-19

General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. Which of the following Indian companies feature in Fortune Five hundred list for 2012?
(A) Reliance Industries, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, IOC
(B) Tata Motors, SBI, CTS, Wipro, IOC
(C) Tata Steel, IOC, Reliance Industries, Ranbaxy
(D) IOC, Reliance Industries, SBI, GAIL
Ans : (A)

2. Which of these bodies decides the monetary policy in India ?
(A) Reserve Bank of India (B) Ministry of Finance
(C) Ministry of Commerce (D) Ministry of Finance and Commerce
Ans : (A)

3. CPI and WPI as acronyms, refer to–
(A) Political Parties (B) Purchasing capacity indices
(C) Price indices (D) Poverty indices
Ans : (C)

4. What is Davos famous for ?
(A) It is best known tourist place of Switzerland
(B) G8 members meet here, every year (C) EU financial headquarters
(D) World Economic Forum
Ans : (D)

5. This state contributes 70% of India’s coffee and silk. Name this state–
(A) Karnataka (B) Assam
(C) Rajasthan (D) Punjab
Ans : (A)

6. Who among the following is the recipient of Nobel Prize in Literature given in 2011 ?
(A) Bruce A. Beutler (B) V.S. Naipaul
(C) Tomas Transtromer (D) Ralph M. Steinman
Ans : (C)

7. The 59th National Film Award for Best Actress was given to–
(A) Vidya Balan (B) Kareena Kapoor
(C) Priyanka Chopra (D) Lara Dutta
Ans : (A)

8. Which of the following is the abbreviated name of the body/agency set up to boost foreign investments in India?
Ans : (C)

9. Performance of which of the following is not considered infrastructural sector of economy?
(A) Electricity (B) Textile Sector
(C) Telecom (D) Cement
Ans : (B)

10. Sachin Tendulkar made his 100th century in the match played between India and–
(A) Pakistan (B) England
(C) Australia (D) Bangladesh
Ans : (D)

11. The Indus Valley Civilisation was famous for–
(A) well-planned cities (B) efficient civil organisation
(C) development of art and architecture (D) All of these
Ans : (D)

12. China objected to the participation of an Indian company in its joint venture with another country for offshore oil exploration. Which one of the following is that country?
(A) Myanmar (B) South Korea
(C) Taiwan (D) Vietnam
Ans : (D)

13. Which of the following years was a leap year?
(A) 1998 (B) 2006
(C) 2004 (D) 2002
Ans : (C)

14. An African country, Sudan has been broken into two recently with formation of a new country named South Sudan. Economy of South Sudan will depend on its–
(A) agricultural product (B) minerals
(C) forest product (D) fishery product
Ans : (A)

15. The world famous Red Fort of Delhi was built by which of the following Mughal rulers ?
(A) Akbar (B) Jahangir
(C) Aurangzeb (D) Shahjehan
Ans : (D)

16. India assumed the Chairmanship of which of the following international organisations in September, 2011 ?
(A) G-77 (B) Non-Aligned Movement
(C) G-24 (D) BRICS
Ans : (C)

17. The Union Environment Ministry has decided to declare Sathymangalam Wildlife Sanctuary a ‘Tiger Reserve’. The sanctuary is in which State ?
(A) Tamil Nadu (B) Karnataka
(C) Puducherry (D) Andhra Pradesh
Ans : (A)

18. Which of the following has conducted a study on the economic impact of interlinking of rivers programme?
(C) Planning Commission (D) CMIE
Ans : (B)

19. Education Innovation Fund for India is an initiative of–
(A) Intel (B) IBM
(C) Microsoft India (D) Hewlett-Packard
Ans : (D)

20. Which Indian petroleum company was in news for the first hydrocarbon discovery in Sri Lanka ?
(A) RIL (B) Cairn India
(C) ONGC (D) Essar Oil
Ans : (B)

21. The chemical name of ‘oil of vitriol’ is–
(A) Phosphoric acid (B) Nitric acid
(C) Sulphuric acid (D) Hydrochloric acid
Ans : (C)

22. Cathode rays are–
(A) Electromagnetic waves (B) Radiations
(C) Stream of α-particles (D) Stream of electrons
Ans : (D)

23. The National Park ‘Valley of Flowers’ lies in the State of–
(A) Kerala (B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) Uttarakhand (D) Jammu & Kashmir
Ans : (C)

24. Bhopal Gas Tragedy was caused by–
(A) Nitrogen (B) Oxygen
(C) Methyl isocyanite (D) Cyanide
Ans : (C)

25. A nautical mile is equal to–
(A) 1.625 km (B) 1.725 km
(C) 1.825 km (D) 1.925 km
Ans : (C)

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