General Knowledge Questions and Answers | GK Questions Set-35

General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. Where are the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee located?
(A) Italy (B) Switzerland
(C) Belgium (D) France
Ans : (B)

2. What is common about famous personalities Manish Malhotra, J. J. Valya and Rohit Bal?
(A) Male Modelling (B) Film Direction
(C) Novel Writing (D) Fashion Designing
Ans : (D)

3. Which Indian State is the leading Cotton producer ?
(A) Gujarat (B) Maharashtra
(C) Andhra Pradesh (D) Madhya Pradesh
Ans : (A)

4. In which State is chromite abundantly found?
(A) Maharashtra (B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Odisha (D) Karnataka
Ans : (C)

5. World’s largest roller coaster named ‘Ferrari World’ is located in–
(A) Tokyo (B) Abu Dhabi
(C) Mumbai (D) Beijing
Ans : (B)

6. Which of the following countries had launched a Spy Satellite Kobalt-M in May 2012?
(A) France (B) China
(C) Iran (D) Russia
Ans : (D)

7. Which of the following countries is the newest member of the FIFA ?
(A) South Sudan (B) Bangladesh
(C) Brazil (D) Cuba
Ans : (A)

8. Which of the following is the name of a Patton Tank developed in India?
(A) Agni (B) Arjun
(C) Shakti (D) Basant
Ans : (B)

9. Jim Yong Kim has taken over as the new President of–
(A) World Bank (B) IMF
Ans : (A)

10. How many members are nominated by the President of India to the Rajya Sabha ?
(A) 5 (B) 6
(C) 8 (D) None of these
Ans : (D)

11. Which one of the following market structures has a kinked demand curve?
(A) Perfect competition (B) Monopoly
(C) Oligopoly (D) Monopolistic competition
Ans : (C)

12. Which of the following city is widely regarded or known as the ‘garden city’ of India?
(A) Chandigarh (B) Bengaluru
(C) Jaipur (D) New Delhi
Ans : (B)

13. Which of the following institutions deals with credit to Agriculture and Rural Development ?
Ans : (B)

14. As per the results of the 2011 Population Census, which of the following groups occupies the three top places in respect of literacy ?
(A) Kerala, Goa, West Bengal (B) Chandigarh, Goa, Kerala
(C) Kerala, Lakshadweep, Mizoram (D) Mizoram, Kerala, Tripura
Ans : (C)

15. District Judges in a State are appointed by the–
(A) Advocate-General of the State (B) Council of Ministers of the State
(C) Governor (D) Chief Justice of High Court
Ans : (C)

16. For controlling inflation, the central bank should–
(A) sell Government securities in the open market (B) lower the bank rate
(C) purchase Government securities in the open market (D) lower the reserve ratio of the banks
Ans : (C)

17. There is no selling cost under–
(A) Perfect competition (B) Monopolistic competition
(C) Oligopoly (D) Duopoly
Ans : (B)

18. ‘Epicentre’ is a term commonly associated with which of the following?
(A) Tsunami (B) Earthquake
(C) Dust storm (D) Hurricane
Ans : (B)

19. Which of the following systems in independent India goes against the very basis of democracy?
(A) Caste system (B) Economic system
(C) Party system (D) Parliamentary system
Ans : (A)

20. According to Karl Marx, the change in economic system results in inevitable changes in–
(A) political system only (B) social system only
(C) the entire systems (D) religious system only
Ans : (C)

21. Which of the following is not a writ provided in the Constitution of India–
(A) Mandamus (B) Quo Warranto
(C) Habeas Corpus (D) Injunction
Ans : (D)

22. A stick immersed in water appears bent due to the phenomena of–
(A) Reflection of light (B) Diffraction of light
(C) Refraction of light (D) Dispersion of light
Ans : (C)

23. The oldest style of composition of North Indian Classical music is–
(A) Ghazal (B) Dhruvpad
(C) Thumari (D) None of these
Ans : (B)

24. Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha at present is–
(A) Ms. Sushma Swaraj (B) Mr. Karia Munda
(C) Mr. Arun Jaitely (D) None of these
Ans : (B)

25. Who among the following presides over the National Development Council–
(A) The Finance Minister of India
(B) The Speaker of Lok Sabha
(C) Prime Minister of India
(D) The elected members from among the chief ministers of the States
Ans : (C)

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