Who is the Present Prime Minister of Bangladesh 2019


Sheikh Hasina was sworn in as Bangladesh’s Prime Minister for a record fourth term on January 7, 2019 after her Awami League’s landslide victory in the recent elections.

  • President Md Abdul Hamid administered the oath of office to 71 year-old Hasina at the Bangabhaban for a record third consecutive term. Hasina was first elected Prime Minister in 1996 and then again in 2008 and 2014.
  • The President then administered the oaths for the new ministers, ministers of state and deputy ministers who will form the Cabinet. Hasina will lead a Cabinet of 24 ministers, 19 ministers of state and three state ministers. Her cabinet is mostly made up of new faces. Thirty-one members of the new cabinet are first-timers.
  • Several veterans were dropped from the council of ministers amid speculation about the inductions as major portfolios like defence were retained by Hasina herself.
  • Hasina, who had included representatives from the Awami League’s allied parties in the previous cabinets, has not picked any of them in her new cabinet. Instead, the new cabinet exclusively consists of members of the Awami League.
  • The Jatiya Party, a key partner in the Awami Leagueled Grand Alliance of Hasina, has decided to occupy the opposition benches in Parliament after the main opposition BNP led by ex-premier Khaleda Zia rejected the results of the general election.
  • Hasina, the President of the Awami League, won the 11th parliamentary elections with a landslide victory even as the Opposition rejected the ‘farcical’ polls marred by violence that claimed 17 lives, making it one of the deadliest polls in the country’s history. Her ruling Grand Alliance won 96% of the seats contested in the election. Hasina and her alliance have dismissed the accusations of vote rigging.

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